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Roller Shutters for Adelaide

Come to Tieche for roller shutter installation in Adelaide. We have helped members of our community with their garage and sh utter needs since 2010. As a locally owned and operated business, we know just what our neighbours want. In fact, we only use the lates t technology and Australian-sourced materials.

We even manufacture our products right here in Adelaide, ensuring you get the most appropriate shutter for your needs. Our dedic ated team also listens to our customers because we understand that we can't improve and develop new products without your input.

Add Roller Shutters to Your Adelaide Home

When you buy our roller shutters in Adelaide, expect the best. We use the thickest possible slats with sturdy aluminium and to ugh curve lines to ensure your safety. Especially if you leave town often or own a seasonal holiday home, roller shutters can keep your h ouse's interior safe and private after you leave. Our products give you peace of mind even when you're not at home.

Roller shutters also attach easily to windows to give any room in your house privacy and insulation. Close your shutters at night for e xtra darkness and warmth.

Learn About Installation Methods

Each home is different, which is why we offer a few different methods of installation:

  • In Eaves: If you have the roof space, "in eaves" installation gives you a beautiful, simple solution.
  • On Wall: This strategy represents the most common method of installation. It is simple and reliable, especi ally in the right colours.
  • In Reveal: This is another common method. The box appears smaller because it's in with the window. Plea se note that the box does take up a percentage of the window.
  • Skylights: Add horizontal roller shutters for a great way to control the light a skylight provides.

Call 82665808 for a consultation. An installer, not a sales rep, will personally come t o your home. They'll help you choose a colour and style that suits your tastes. We can install within 2 weeks of purchase. Look through our photo album on Facebook to see the possibilities!

We Use The Highest Quality Roller Shutters Possible.

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