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Adelaide’s Experts in Garage Roller Doors

When the time comes for you to buy a new garage door, consider a garage roller door from Adelaide's Tieche. Roller garage doors m aximise space to keep your driveway clear and safe for your cars and children. They have a more modern aesthetic than older, flip-up do or models. Additionally, they're lighter and more customisable to suit your needs.

Buy Local, Buy Tieche

When you buy a garage roller door in Adelaide from Tieche, you support local business. We have been locally owned an d operated since 2010 and are proud of it!

We produce each roller door we sell right here in Adelaide, and we craft our products from Australian-provided supplies. We are com mitted to keeping our local economy strong, and we appreciate your help in that endeavour.

The Tieche Difference

We strive to be the best garage door supplier we can be, so we offer services that make us stand out. We use a trusted brand, Croci , for their colour range, ability to handle large door sizes and insulated slats. Each roller door we make uses hexagonal angles for added du rability.

Our company's goal is to search for new ways to improve and develop our technologies. We don't just follow our competitors-we're the innovators. We listen to our customers and learn what you want. As a result, you gain access to a variety of quality doors that suit y our needs.

We also employee full-time staff to install the roller doors we supply. Other companies may hire out part-time contractors who don't know much about the doors they install. Our technicians are responsible and liable for all roller door installations we do. We're dedicated to doing our job right, from sale to installation.

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