one of our electric roller shutter systems being installed
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Electric roller shutters on an Adelaide home Our 240 volt system comes standard with the remote control system. This system has a wall mount switch on the inside of the wall as well as the remotes, so if the remotes are misplaced it can still be operated.  We have installed Electric Roller Shutter Systems all over Adelaide with great success.

Group Control:

Together with your wall mounted switch, our electric systems come standard with group controllers; these give you the ability to control every roller shutter in the house together, or independently with one ergonomic and user friendly remote.

The motors we use are quiet and we never under rate the size of the motor, in fact, just the opposite, we over rate them. We do this so there is no chance of malfunction with our motors. Our electric systems come with a 15 year warranty.

Battery backup or “UPS”:

We also do a battery backup system for our 240 volt electric systems. When the power goes out you can still use the roller shutters, so if there is a fire, or if your going out and you want to lock up your house, you always have the ability to close your roller shutters.

Also, because the system is still 240 volt, you never have reliability problems.

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